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The New AquaGuard PR 30
The AquaGuard PR 30 measures up to five parameters directly in the water - without the use of expensive pumps and with zero water loss! The portable measuring system consists of an AquaScat S and can be equipped with up to three probes from Hamilton. This allows the AquaGuard PR 30 to be conveniently adapted to the measurement requirements. The SICON M operating device is used for control. Visit the product page of the AquaGuard PR 30 and learn more about the technical details and the application: AquaGuard PR 30
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Sigrist-Photometer AG with a new market presence

A new logo adorns the Sigrist brand on the outside. But Sigrist has also been equipped with a new value proposition and brand values at the core of the brand in order to make an even greater impact on the market.

Sigrist-Photometer AG appears with a new corporate identity

For over 75 years, the brand "Sigrist-Photometer" has been standing for high Swiss quality and innovative strength in the process photometry industry. Just like the products, the brand's image has been firmly anchored for decades.

But the market is on the move, and with an eye to the future, Sigrist-Photometer AG has decided to revamp the brand's appearance. The appearance of a brand can be derived from the corporate values. In an internal process, new brand values were created and from them the new corporate identity. Sigrist now presents itself with a new logo, new colours and modern corporate communication. In future, the new image will also have an impact on the product range. On the one hand in the visual appearance, the housing design and improved user-friendliness, and on the other hand in the inner workings, where research continues into sustainable, efficient and absolutely precise technology. This is our daily drive, our motivation for a strong Sigrist brand.

Thus, from September 2022, the Sigrist brand will shine in new splendour and give the company as well as the employees a motivating boost for a successful future.

New brand values and a clear core value proposition

A brand is only as good as its core values. Today, successful brand management is more than just an attractive external appearance. Brands should be tangible, for customers as well as for employees.

For this reason, the brand was completely redefined when the new corporate identity was developed. The core service promise and four brand values form the cornerstones of the company - as a manufacturer brand as well as an employer brand.

"With our intelligent measuring systems, we guarantee safety, sustainability and cross-linked processes." This core value proposition is considered a clear statement on the market and is intended to lead employees even closer to the brand as well as recommend them to become strong brand ambassadors.

In addition, four brand values complement the company's clear goals and are also daily incentives for the many skilled and talented employees at Sigrist-Photometer AG.

  • Progress - We are already thinking about tomorrow in order to continuously improve ourselves and our products.
  • Partnership - We build on trusting relationships to achieve relevant goals together.
  • People - We are Sigrist. We are smart. (social, motivated, agile, relevant, team-oriented).
  • Responsibility - We take responsibility for people and the environment with our measurement systems.

Giving new colours

With its new corporate colours of dark blue and turquoise, Sigrist stands for trust, safety and responsibility as well as for creativity, activity and environmental awareness. The blue pays homage to the origins of the Sigrist brand and stands for the traditionally grown values that we still represent today. The turquoise brings a freshness to the design that emphasises our forward-looking attitude.

And where does the customer and partner come into play? With the new, fresh appearance, the "Sigrist" brand is clearly taking big steps into the future - and taking the customers with it with this market power. As already anchored in the brand value "Partnership", we at Sigrist-Photometer AG want to achieve relevant goals together with our partners. And we can only do this if we collaborate.

We are fans of our own company and brand - and look forward to continuing this path with you.

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USP's & Advantages


Our company is an independent Swiss SME and enjoys a very good image as a manufacturer of high quality process photometers on the world market. Our customers benefit from our years of experience and best Swiss quality.


Our company culture is based on a symbiosis of material and immaterial values that we maintain and develop for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Swiss Innovation

Our products provide solutions to real needs of the society, of people and of the environment. In terms of quality, reliability and uniqueness, they meet the highest standards and provide significant benefits to our customers.

Ethics + Responsibility

Our focus is directed at responsible corporate behaviour. We consider fairness, reliability and sustainability as much as factors of success as economic aspects.



Consorci d'Aigües de Tarragona (CAT) / Spain

The latest European Directive 2020/2184 established turbidity as a basic control parameter for the quality of drinking water. In anticipation of the new regulations, the Sigrist distribution partner in Spain, teqma, has worked with the Consorci d'Aigües de Tarragona (CAT), the water consortium of the city of Tarragona, to renew its turbidimeters. Tarragona is in the province of Tarragona with 860,000 inhabitants.

CAT installed the AquaScat 2 WTM from the Swiss company Sigrist-Photometer AG at the various measuring points of the treatment plant and the distribution network.

The AquaScat 2 WTM turbidity meter measures the turbidity in the free-falling water jet and thus enables a high resolution and accurate measurement down to low turbidity values of 0.001 FNU.

Consorci d'Aigües de Tarragona

»Due to the high resolution (0.001 FNU) allowing early detection of changes in water quality, low maintenance and easy calibration, the Sigrist turbidimeter turned out to be the measuring device we were looking for our water supply.«

Consorci d'Aigües de Tarragona, Spain

Traffic & Environment

Road tunnel Gotthard / Switzerland

Since September 2007, a total of 210 Sigrist smoke detectors of the type FireGuard are in use in the Gotthard tunnel and its approach tunnels. Together with additional sensors such as linear fire alarm cables, flow measurement devices etc., the smoke detectors are the basis for the early detection of smoke and fire events.

In September 2016, after a period of use of 9 years, Mr. Werner Furrer, head of the Office for the Operation of National Roads (Switzerland), summarized their experience with the FireGuards as follows:

  • On average, there was one event per month, which was detected without fault
  • In a smoke event, the FireGuard is always the fastest system
  • No false alarms owing to correct parameterisation
Customer road tunnel Gotthard traffic signs © Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)

»We have had no failures so far. Sigrist FireGuard smoke detectors are very reliable.«

Mr. Werner Furrer

head of the Office for the Operation of National Roads in Flüelen

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

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