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75 Years of Sigrist-Photometer AG

We celebrate anniversary and say THANK YOU for your trust!

75 Jahre Jubiläum

We have been committed to quality and precision for 75 years. This is evidenced by the high standards we set for ourselves, our products and our services. With the first on-line turbidimeter for continuously monitoring beer filtration, we started doing just that in 1946.

We are one of the leaders in technology and quality and, with a large network of service and distribution partners, we sell our products in over 80 countries. This is achieved with the daily commitment of our 85 employees, who thus contribute to the sustainable positive development of the company and also to an appreciative culture.

Thus, for 75 years, we have been building bridges between progress and tradition. Between substance that sustains and visions that motivate. We are proud of what we have achieved and curious about the future. Celebrate with us - and discover our Sigrist-Photometer AG!

75 Jahre Jubiläum

Anniversary Story

Insights into the company's beginnings through to our values today

75 Jahre Jubiläum

In our 6-part anniversary story, you will learn more about the founder of our company, Dr. Ing. Willy Sigrist (March 21, 1907 - August 1, 1988), our founding values, our company's history, and the development of our (beer brewing) portfolio over the past 75 years.

Part I: The vision of a better working world

The story of the Sigrist-Photometer AG company began in 1946 in Ennetbürgen when the company's founder, Dr. Ing. Willy Sigrist (21/3/1907 – 1/8/1988) developed a turbidity measuring instrument for continuously monitoring beer filtration.

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Part II: The innovative oscillating mirror technology

The first innovation made by Sigrist was the development of the oscillating mirror technology – the basis for a long-term stable instrument for precise turbidity measurement for continuously monitoring beer filtration.

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Part III: The new instrument generation

In 1998 Sigrist-Photometer AG made the decision not to continue the universal instruments and to create a new and compact generation: the user-specific instruments.

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Part IV: TurBiScat – a star is born

In 2009 one further innovation was added to the Sigrist portfolio - the TurBiScat. With its combination of precise dual-angle scattered light measurement, optional colour measurement and virtually maintenance-free operation, our in-line process turbidimeter is ideally designed to meet today's requirements of our international customers.

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75 Jahre Jubiläum
  • Part V + VI: to be published on 15. September 15, 2021

Sigrist as an employer

Committed to people and society for 75 years

75 Jahre Jubiläum

For 75 years we have been a people-oriented and socially committed employer with roots in Ennetbürgen, Canton Nidwalden. This is evidenced by our family-like corporate culture, in which the individual and the promotion of professional as well as social skills have a high priority.

Today, we cover around 30 different job profiles with the option of home office or part-time work to support our employees individually in balancing family and career. We also commit ourselves with passion and flexibility to the training of young professionals and interns.

Find out even more about us as an employer, what our employees say or our vacancies.

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75 Jahre Jubiläum


A voyage of discovery through our company's history

The vision - people and products are the focus

(Excerpt from an interview with Erich-Franz Christen, which started as an apprentice to become later a member of the Executive Board from 1959. Today he is a member of the Board of Directors )

In addition to the ingenious idea of the process photometer, the founding couple also had a vision of a better working world. Employees should be able to produce a meaningful product in a human environment. Many took a liking to these principles. They were willing to fully commit themselves. Their enthusiasm made it possible to achieve exceptional results and thus to self-finance the growth of the company. Sharing responsibility, exciting tasks and the appropriate environment were just as important to everyone as the salary. To this day, the company's founder and his ideas remain a role model and guideline for the entire company. Product quality, fairness to customers, economic independence and understanding in dealing with employees are still held in high esteem.

The development - from tube amplifier to high-tech device

(Excerpt from an interview with Paul Sigrist, head of the development department from 1970 and nephew of our company's founder Dr. Willy Sigrist)

Willy Sigrist embodied the typical inventor until his death in 1988. It was a great challenge for our small company to keep up with the rapid technical developments and the growing competition. The focus of development was always on the existing equipment, which had to meet new conditions, demands and requirements. For the implementation it was important to use the latest components available on the market. Likewise, optimizing the individual work steps or producing individual parts that were not available was crucial. Increasing work efficiency, reducing costs, and lowering personnel requirements were important factors. Attending international trade fairs was essential for the small Swiss company. The impetus for new products and ideas for opening up new markets resulted in this context. Regular meetings between the various departments made it possible to respond quickly to customer requests and strengthened our reputation as a reliable company.

The «Sigrist» – known as a luxury class photometer

(Excerpt from an interview with Franz Grütter, head of international sales from 1970)

Dr. Willy Sigrist developed his first photometer, an instrument for measuring turbidity, in 1943. Although such instruments had already existed, they were only for use in the laboratory. At the suggestion of an acquaintance, he came up with an almost revolutionary device - a process photometer. The measurement of beer turbidity was to be carried out by an objective method used directly on site. Thus the foundation stone for the successful history of the Sigrist company was laid. Since the beginning, our instruments have been appreciated worldwide for their quality and durability.

Assembly – With sensitive dexterity and a good eye

(Excerpt from an interview with Imelda Christen, head of assembly since 1955)

In the assembly department, the approximately 10,000 individual parts were put together to form a finished photometer. Mainly by women because of their superior dexterity and the possibility of part-time work. Work was assigned based on the skills and wishes of the female employees.

In particular with regard to its female employees, the company showed flexibility and took their needs into consideration. In this way, mothers as well as female employees whose families worked in agriculture were able to adapt their attendance times to family circumstances. In this way, the possibility of part-time work was created at Sigrist in a very pragmatic way as early as the 1960s (!). This is an impressive example of how the social ideas of the founder were incorporated into the company's everyday life.

Production – With manual skill and quality standards

(Excerpt from an interview with Rudolf Christen, head of production from 1959)

It has always been Sigrist's uppermost objective to achieve the highest level of quality and precision in its products. This was one of the reasons why, even back then, the individual parts were largely manufactured in-house. In the prime of mechanics, this amounted to approximately 10,000 different parts, in batch sizes of 1 to 1,000 pieces.

Sigrist Meilestones

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Sigrist Photometer der ersten Stunde

Anniversary Quiz

With monthly raffles of surprise gifts

75 Jahre Jubiläum

Test your knowledge of Sigrist in our Anniversary Quiz and, with a bit of luck, you might receive a great surprise gift! The draw will be made monthly during the anniversary year among the participants with all the correct answers.

Take part, it is worth it - we keep our fingers crossed!

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75 Jahre Jubiläum


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