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Experiences with the AquaMaster at the Municipality of Oberaegeri, Switzerland

Since July 2013, the raw water of the 3 sources Reservoir Moos has been monitored with 3 measuring systems AquaMaster.

Priorly, only 1 turbidimeter with switching valves was used for all 3 sources.


The following parameters have been monitored by the AquaMaster:

  • turbidity
  • pH
  • conductivity
  • Redox/ORP
  • temperature


On which criteria did the municipality Oberägeri base their decision for the new measuring systems AquaMaster?

  • Compact system, small footprint.
  • Only 1 water connection is necessary.
  • Modular structure. The system can be expanded with further measuring parameters.
  • High level of certainty as a result of individual monitoring.
  • Simple handling, people on-site can carry out maintenance themselves.


Which experiences have been made after 6 months of operation? Mr. Duss, source manager:

  • The 3 systems have been operating without fault.
  • Changes in the water quality have been detected immediately by the measurements. Feeding water into the reservoir is thus automatically controlled.
  • The measured values have been very stable. They have been checked continually by comparative measurements. Since starting operation in July 2013, it has not yet been necessary to calibrate the measuring probes.
  • The maintenance and cleaning effort is minimal and can be carried out by the people on site.
AquaMaster is a compact measuring system for the following parameters: turbidity, pH, conductivity, Redox, dissolved oxygen and temperature. The various parameters can be combined individually. The colour touch screen of the AquaScat is the central cont
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