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Fully operational and capable to deliver

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Despite the presently challenging situation concerning COVID-19, we continue to be fully operational and capable to deliver. All operational processes are still running smoothly and we can continue to assist you with your inquiries as usual.

Information concerning the company:

  • Status Green | Orders
    All orders are processed as usual. We will be pleased to receive your current orders.
  • Status Green | Production & Logistics
    Production continues as usual and delivery is ensured.
  • Status Green | Customer Service & Support
    Customer services & support are provided as usual and your requests are processed via telephone and e-mail. If you need on-site services involving a Sigrist technician, such as already fixed servicing or initial operation of our instruments, please contact .
  • Status Green | Business Administration
    All business processes continue as usual.

Sigrist-Photometer observes the worldwide situation in the media very closely and constantly adapts its measures accordingly. The number one priority is always the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers, including their families. We have therefore decided to postpone all planned Sigrist events until 2021.

Measures currently in force:

  • Sigrist employees are required to consistently apply the rules of conduct defined by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health in their private lives as well.
  • Until further notice, Sigrist employees are subject to an absolute travel and flight restriction. Cooperation with our partners and suppliers is maintained and ensured through the use of modern means of communication.
  • The reception of visitors will be limited to an absolute minimum until further notice.

Your Sigrist contact person is always available to answer any questions or clarify any issue you may have.

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René Gehri
Water, Beverages & Food, Industrial Processes
Florian Bodmer
Ihr Businesspartner für Industrielle Prozesse, Getränke & Lebensmittel, Verkehr & Umwelt:
Für Wasser kontaktieren Sie unseren Hauptsitz.

Your distribution partner for industrial processes, beverages & food, traffic & environment:
For water please contact our headquarters

Ihr Businesspartner für Getränke & Lebensmittel:
Für Wasser, Industrielle Prozesse, Verkehr & Umwelt kontaktieren Sie unseren Hauptsitz.

Your distribution partner for beverages & food:
For water, industrial processes, traffic & environment please contact our headquarters

Contact headquarters

Felix Joller
Sales Manager ScrubberGuard
Montag–Freitag 08:00–12:00 und 13:30–17:00
Feiertage & Betriebsferien:
Ostern: 07.–10. April 2023, Auffahrt: 18. Mai 2023, Pfingstmontag: 29. Mai 2023, Fronleichnam: 08. Juni 2023, Bundesfeiertag: 01. August 2023, Maria Himmelfahrt: 15. August 2023, Allerheiligen: 01. November 2023, Maria Empfängnis: 08. Dezember 2023, Betriebsferien: 23. Dezember 2023 – 02. Januar 2024
Opening hours:
Monday–Friday 08:00am–12:00pm und 1:30pm–5:00pm
Public & company holidays:
Easter: 07.–10. April 2023, Ascension Day: 18. May 2023, Whit Monday: 29. May 2023, Corpus Christi: 08. June 2023, Federal Holiday: 01. August 2023, Assumption Day: 15. August 2023, All Saints Day: 01. November 2023, Conception of Mary: 08. December 2023, Company holidays: 23. December 2023 – 02. January 2024